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Lake Worth Beach

Where the Tropics begin. Small town with a tropical island vibe. Located 20 minutes South of West Palm Beach and the famous Palm Beach Island. Gorgeous beaches and famous local eateries. Warm salty air, spend the days lounging at our gorgeous beaches or floating down the intracoastal. You’ll have sunshine on your mind from the moment you arrive.



Historic Lake Worth Casino (converted into a banquet center) 

Benny’s on the Beach 

Authentic Mexican at La Placita

The Pelican Restaurant (mom and pop)

Local Parks: Bryant park (Snook Island Natural Area), Lake Osborn

Famous Publix Deli

Dave’s Last Resort

Matthews Brewing Company 

Palm Beach Zoo 

Science Museum

Street Painting Festival (only in Feb)

Beach Bon Fire hosted by LW lifeguards (Nov-Feb)

Lake Worth Playhouse

Fun Depot

Kayak the Lagoon

Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts

Lake Worth Beach Golf Course

Palm Beach Par 3 Club Golf Course

City of Lake Worth Golf Course

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